Tips & Tricks: Customizing Dimensions and Managing Large Drawings

Sometimes you need lengthy explanations and demos to learn how to do something new with your CAD design software. Other times, you just need a sentence or two to realize something’s possible.

This post covers some of those one-sentence tips and tricks. Most of these are dead easy to do—but only if you know about them first!

Customize Your Dimensions

Here’s advice for customizing your dimensions:

  • To “flip arrows” on the fly, just right click while dragging a dimension.
  • To reference values parametrically, use dimension names with “&” symbol in notes and other dimensions (e.g., “&d17”).
  • To prevent modification of nominal values when decimal places are decreased, use Rounded Dimension Value.

  • To make text appear within “Basic” dimension boxes, place text in the Prefix or Suffix
  • To make text appear outside “Basic” dimension boxes, add it to the Dimension text field.

  • To see thumbnail previews of drawing sheets, hover over the Sheet tab.

  • *New in CREO 3.0* – The “@[, @+ and @#” syntaxes in notes have been replaced with commands in the Format ribbon tab. Superscript, subscript and boxes around text are now a click away:

Better Manage Your Large Drawings ( Options)

Here are few insights for configuration options that you can use to manage large drawings better:

  • To control whether dimensions and notes can be created in views using Geometry Reps, use Allow_refs_to_geom_reps_in_drws. Care should be taken as dimensions and annotations may not update if the geometry changes.
  • To drastically improve large drawing performance, set Auto_regen_views to no. This setting stops the drawing from automatically updating when changing sheets or windows. Use the Update Sheets or Update Drawing View commands to manually synchronize the drawing with the model.
  • To determine if HLR is performed on quilt features, use Hlr_for_quilts.
  • To save the display of drawing items, such as notes and dimensions, so that they are shown when a drawing is retrieved in read-only mode, use Save_display.
  • To force the wireframe view display into the drawing, use Force_Wireframe_in_drawings. Select Yes to display all views of drawings in wireframe. Select No to display views according to the display set for the session (wireframe, hidden, and so on).

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