Tips & Tricks: Simulating a Model That Contains Failed Features

You removed a feature from your model and it resulted in the failure of other features (due to parent/child relationships). Not to worry. If failed features find their way into your model, Creo Simulate 3.0 now lets you continue to analyze the model. So while it’s always good practice to resolve failed features, they’re not always deal breakers anymore. Here’s what you need to know before you run your simulation:

With Creo Simulate 3.0, you can work with models that contain failed features.

Failed features warning message

When the model opens, you’ll see a warning message that indicates that the model failed to regenerate.

When you open a model that contains failed features, this warning message appears.

As indicated in the warning message, you are still able to enter Creo Simulate with a model containing failed features, run your analysis or standard design studies. However, you can’t run sensitivity or optimization design studies until regeneration failures are resolved. More about limitations in a second.

What you can do

In spite of the failed features, you can define still define forces, displacements, idealizations, connections, surface or volume regions, etc. Though it is not recommended, Creo Simulate allows the creation of simulation objects on geometry from failed features or components and regenerate the model. Plus, you can define and modify the simulation model, run analyses, and view the results. This workflow enables you to continue working on creating simulation scenarios while another user (maybe a designer) can work on fixing the failed features.

Design study limitations

As noted above, limitations exist. You can’t do any of the following on a model with failed features:

  • Create an optimization study.
  • Create a sensitivity study.
  • Create a standard design study in which you must select dimension variables and parameters.
  • Copy, edit, or run an existing optimization or sensitivity study.
  • Copy, edit, or run an existing offset standard design study.

Where to find failed features

The system shows failed features in the model tree in red, as shown below.

Failed features appear in red.

To learn more about how Creo Simulate supports models with failed features, check out this video: 

To learn more, read the Creo Help Center page, Analyze Models with Failed Features.