Tips & Tricks: Untrimming When Copying a Surface

When copying a surface or a quilt in PTC Creo Parametric 3.0, you can use new options to untrim the geometry to its original definition or to the envelope of its definition, while leaving the surface you copied from trimmed.

To untrim a copied surface, follow these steps:

  • 1. Select a surface, and then click Model > Copy.
  • 2. Click Model > Paste

3. Right click and select one of the following:

  • Untrim to envelope to remove all internal contours and create an outer contour using an envelope of the current contour.
  • Untrim to the domain of the definition to remove all internal contours using a contour that corresponds to the surface domain of definition.
Building a Path to Smart Market Value Image

Note that

  • Surfaces can be untrimmed from both imported and native geometry.
  • You can also untrim an entire quilt into individual surfaces, untrimming it to an envelope or to the original domain, or creating untrimmed sufaces for each patch on the surface (image above).

Watch a demo of this tip in the following video:

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