Last-Minute Tips: Product Design Contest Ends Friday

There are only a few days left to enter the Product Design contest.  The contest, which began late last month, will award winners with up to $3000 cash, trips to LiveWorx 2016 in Boston, MA, and featured placement in the upcoming eBook, Winning Product Designs.

An interview with the contest manager

I couldn’t wait for the results, so I recently checked in with Brianna Dixion, the contest manager, to see how the contest is going so far. Here’s the gist of our conversation, if you want to listen in...

Tell us about the entries you’ve seen so far.

We’ve had a lot of entries, and a lot of different kinds of entries. Some are small parts, some large assemblies. My personal favorites are the ones that include a photo of the final, manufactured product. It really brings the designs to life.

What industries are you seeing represented?

Just about everything! We’ve seen robots, automotive, consumer products, industrial equipment, high tech …. The designs are coming from all over the place.

But mostly from the United States, right?

 Not at all. Hang on, let me check my spread sheet. [Long pause]. We’ve got entries from 60 countries so far. I’m seeing UK, Pakistan, India, China, Colombia, Morocco, South Africa, Mexico. I’d say just about every continent is represented.

Oh wow. So, if someone from, say, Paraguay, wins the big prize, will you still fly that person to Boston for LiveWorx 2016 in June?

That’s the plan. The winner is responsible for obtaining a visa of course. But we’ll pay airfare, pick up the hotel room, and put the winner on stage to showcase his or her work. And if the winner can’t make it, we can still include him or her electronically (via Skype), so everybody at the show can see the designer and hear about the winning design.

Somebody asked recently what happens if the design was a team effort? Who wins the money and the trip?

That’s up to the team to divvy up the money and assign a representative to attend the LiveWorx 2016 event. For additional team members, we’d love to Skype you in as well so everyone can see who created the designs.

We’re down to the last couple days now. Do you have any tips for people who haven’t entered their designs yet?

Yes. When you fill out the entry form, don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. Tell us about your passion, your design challenges, and any ways Creo might have helped you.  Sell us on why we should look closely at your design.

That’s all Dixion is saying for now. But I can tell you the PTC judging team hasn’t started evaluating designs yet…so there’s no advantage to being one of the first or last to enter. In other words, if you haven’t submitted your design yet, you still have a good shot at winning.

C’mon. You know you want to enter

If it’s not April 30th, there’s still time. And remember, you can enter as many designs as you want in any category. Find out more about the Product Design Contest and enter here.

About LiveWorx

LiveWorx 2016 is the premier IoT business event where those who design, service, manufacture, and develop will join 5,000+ experts and innovators and experience world-changing technologies. The event takes place June 6-9 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. Learn more here.