The PTC University eLearning Resource Center: Explore the Benefits

Our experts over at PTC University think about eLearning a lot. As training and development experts, their job requires them to keep up with the latest research and trends so that when they deliver technical information to you, they know you’re likely to succeed—and hopefully enjoy the experience.

Now, they’re sharing what they themselves are learning on a new webpage, the PTC University eLearning Resource Center

What do we mean by eLearning? Electronic learning. That is, using a computer or mobile device to watch videos, tutorials, and lectures and to take tests and quizzes. Sometimes you can pick up what you need through eLearning alone. Other times, you might mix it with classroom-based learning. That kind of flexibility is one of the strengths of eLearning.

Matt Damon with duct tape. (Screenshot from The Martian.)

At the PTC eLearning Resource Center, the PTC University team curates interesting articles and web pages that can help teachers, trainers, and students create and partake in eLearning curriculums. It also offers information about PTC University eLearning Libraries — training resources that can help students and CAD professionals further their knowledge of PTC Creo and other PTC tools.

The team also drives home the notion that quality eLearning takes more than just content on the Internet. It also needs to be managed properly.

Here’s what they say are some of eLearning’s biggest benefits:

  • It’s available 24/7 so students can learn on their own time.
  • It’s cost effective.
  • It makes tracking performance easier.
  • It’s discreet, which is good news for those who prefer to learn outside of the classroom.

Here’s how one customer sees the benefits of PTC University eLearning Libraries:

To learn more about the best practices and current thinking about eLearning, visit the PTC University eLearning Resource Center today.