Students Win on the Race Course and the Job Market with PTC

You probably already know that PTC provides support for student robotics competitions, offering software, training, and mentors for high school students involved in programs like FIRST. But did you know that we’re also there when students arrive at colleges and universities?

PTC provides the tools instructors need to deliver a modern product development education so students get experience that is relevant to the industry and, admittedly, meets the demands of our corporate customers.

And since our customers include brands like Aston Martin Racing, Team Penske, and Dallara, PTC is an enthusiastic supporter of collegiate racing competitions, including Formula SAE and Baja SAE.

Formula SAE is a program that started in 1979. “The concept is that a fictional manufacturing company has contracted a design team [i.e., the students] to develop a small Formula-style race car,” reads the Formula SAE website. “The prototype race car is to be evaluated for its potential as a production item…. Each student team designs, builds, and tests a prototype based on a series of rules whose purpose is both to ensure onsite event operations and promote clever problem solving.”

In Baja SAE, engineering students design and build an off-road vehicle that will survive the severe punishment of rough terrain. And to make things more interesting, all competitors use exactly the same ten-horsepower Intek Model 20 engine. So competitive advantage can come only from the most innovative and effective design.

“We’re investing and partnering with the SAE design series because we believe these are the best and the brightest engineering students,” says Alister Fraser, senior education manager, PTC. “We hope to give these students not only a competitive advantage in the race, but also in their career.”

Meet two SAE participants, Michael Bastanipour and Nate Sievers, in this video below and find out how they’re preparing for their futures with SAE competition and PTC.