Start at PTC Creo. Stop at Nothing. Aristides Guitars

What do you think is the most rewarding part of working in product design? Expressing yourself creatively? Killing the competition? Winning recognition from people you respect?

Aristides Poort says that listening to great artists make music with the guitars he makes is his greatest reward.

“What better thing can you do on this planet?” he asks.

A New Generation of Rock Stars

Poort is the founder of Aristides Instruments, based in The Netherlands. We’ve been talking a lot about his company lately on this blog. And you can see why in the video below. Young guitar virtuoso Timo Somers shreds on his Aristides. He plays sweetly, he plays loud, and he gets “freaky with it.”

Twenty-one-year-old Somers is the guitarist for Delain, a Dutch Symphonic Metal band that travels the world. Watch as he shows why a new generation of guitar heroes need a new generation of guitars.

New Tools

The people who design the guitars sometimes need innovative new gear too. While luthiers traditionally work by hand, planing and shaping guitars, engineers at Aristides recently introduced a new tool to the craft: PTC Creo. “When I first saw (an engineer) designing the guitar on his computer, I thought, ‘what’s that nerd doing over there?’” says Poort. But over time he saw the value of the precision that 3D modeling brought to his designs.

Accurate to 1/1000th of a millimeter, the O1O Aristides guitar is formed in a mold from an innovative new material, Arium. The result is an instrument that players rave about.

We love this video. As the company that makes the software that helps design the guitars, we have to agree with Poort. We, too, take great satisfaction in listening to guys like Timo make great music. What better thing can you do on this planet, indeed!