Small Business Cuts Project Time with Creo and Simulation

Kontec GmbH is a design and engineering company located in Saarbrücken, Germany, that has always enjoyed the nimbleness of a close-knit, experienced staff. But sometimes it takes more a talented team to increase productivity and grow a business. That’s why the company recently  implemented Creo with Creo simulation technologies.

Kontec assembly for a 180° turning device

Kontec, which uses the tag line “your engineering partner,”  is in the business of designing tools and machinery for manufacturing OEMs. From planning and development through to the completed product, Kontec strives to deliver projects on time and exactly as promised to its clients. The firm’s projects have included complex assembly systems, robotic packaging equipment, welding equipment, measuring and testing devices, and plastic injection molds. You can see an example of the team’s work in this video for MTU Engines (part of Rolls Royce Power Systems):

As we’ve noted in this blog, simulation is among the best practices of the most successful companies in the industry. As a relevant example, the Aberdeen report “Enhance Engineering: Reduce Time and Optimize Products with Simulation Best Practices,” explains how the top performing or “Best-in-Class” engineering departments use simulation software. (The Best-in-Class are companies that almost always meet launch dates and make revenue targets, quality targets, and cost targets.)

According to the report, “The Best-in-Class see the most value in simulation during detailed design as opposed to their competitors who see the most value late in development during verification.” By using simulation tools, like Creo Simulate, early and often, designers can address issues when there is more freedom to make design and material changes.

Kontec can attest to those results. Early detection of possible problems with in-design simulation capabilities made possible by PTC simulation tools eliminated about 30% of the rework the team typically performs on models.

In fact, when we asked the company about the overall effectiveness of PTC products on development, Wolfgang Reichrath, CEO and director of engineering said, “By using Creo, we’ve been able to achieve at least 40% time savings for our design projects.

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