Think You’re Too Small for PLM? Not Necessarily

Data management practices in small-to-medium-businesses (SMB’s) can range from adequate to hair raising. Files are often scattered across several machines, sometimes backed up on that USB thumb drive nobody has seen since last month. Finding the right file version for a review eats up your lunch break. Change tracking is haphazard, at best. But somehow, you manage.

You know a PLM solution would solve your problems. Centralized data management keeps your CAD files a mouse click away. Accidentally delete a drawing? Restore it from a backup copy on the server. It only takes a few minutes. Have a contract worker who needs access? Just make a quick call to the IT department to get a user account created.

Wait a minute. Backup servers? IT staff? That isn’t feasible for your small shop. You don’t have an IT person, much less a department with technicians to roll out dedicated PLM hardware and software. Too bad, because everyone can benefit from the kind of growth and reputation found at companies that use PLM systems. Think Whirlpool, NASA Contractors, and SRAM (see the bike component company’s amazing growth story in the video below). These iconic companies and many others take advantage of sophisticated on-premise software solutions like PTC Windchill.

But there hasn’t been a feature-complete, scalable PLM solution tailored to SMBs. Until now. To fill the void, PTC introduced the PTC PLM Cloud. It’s enterprise-level PLM without the costly investment in infrastructure and personnel. Just log in and you’re instantly connected to all the systems you need. What does that mean, exactly?

PTC PLM Cloud is built on PTC Windchill technology. PTC Windchill is the powerhouse software that tracks all of your parts, married with cloud storage that gives you and your team access to those parts no matter where you are. Collaboration in the cloud is a snap, too. Simply check out a file, make the necessary changes, and check it in again for everyone to review (think Microsoft SharePoint). Using cloud storage gives you security, flexibility, and stability. All that without buying equipment or hiring someone to set it up.