Scale the PTC PLM Cloud

Full product lifecycle management solutions have historically been the domain of larger industries, like aerospace and military. Think of what it takes to design and manufacture a commercial jet. It’s a dizzying project involving hundreds of people creating and reviewing millions of parts. Meticulous asset tracking, as well keeping tabs on users and their assigned roles, is how high-end PLM solutions pay for themselves.

Check out this video for more about the history of PLM and how we’ve gotten here.

What about you? If you’re a small-to-medium sized business, you probably have fewer parts to manage. And you almost certainly have less staff to handle them. Yet the scale of your shop doesn’t take away from the needs of your staff or the complexity of the work. You can still benefit from tracking and convenience of PLM.

If you’ve already considered PLM, and didn’t think a return on the investment was possible for a company of your size, I have good news—there’s a new solution that fits you. It’s the PTC PLM Cloud.

What do you gain from PTC PLM Cloud? To start, you get the same one-two punch of PTC Windchill and Amazon Web Services (AWS) used by those aerospace companies. PTC Windchill is the front end management system that seamlessly integrates with your current design tools. Amazon’s AWS sets the industry bar for security, uptime, and elastic scaling. And if you need more storage or computing power, the whole system scales seamlessly as AWS adds the resources automatically, in the cloud. No user intervention required.

But scaling is more than raw computing. It applies to your users, too. When you start using PTC PLM Cloud, you’ll see it’s based on an active user model. You add anyone who might need access, but you’re only billed for those who log in and use it. If a user never logs in, you never pay for them. But as more and more users log in, you don’t need to buy, install, and manage expensive licenses. Just give access as it’s needed.

Three roles are available:

  • Authors have full control over designs and management.
  • Editors can work on designs, but without the management permissions.
  • Reviewers are those who only need to see and interrogate files.

The PTC PLM Cloud can be used by one person or teams of hundreds spread across distributed teams.

PTC PLM Cloud is available in three simple tiered plans that can grow with you, too.

  • Standard: The standard plan uses a shared instance of PTC Windchill. You still get the full features, but in a smaller cloud space that’s ideal for your business size.
  • Premium: As you grow, you can move up to the premium plan. That comes with a dedicated instance, meaning you have more resources set aside for your PLM environment, plus this plan provides some customization options.
  • Enterprise: This plan gives you everything found in standard and premium, plus integration with corporate systems—like ERP.

But don’t be scared off by PTC PLM Cloud’s sophistication. PTC PLM Cloud is a metered service, without excessive granularity to muddy your budgeting. Think about who will actively use the system each month and what your computing needs are, and you know your expenses. There are no convoluted agreements or complicated algorithms involved.

In short, the PTC PLM Cloud is designed to be SMB friendly, whether you’re a single user or part of a growing organization. Big or small, with PTC PLM Cloud, you have all the same advantages and high-end tools found in the largest PLM installations. Yet, its simple setup instantly gets you online and working without the headaches of a large deployment.  Head over to the PTC PLM Cloud site and see how you can get started and check it out for yourself.