RoboSpartans Blog: RoboSpartans Set Out to Grow PTC in Central New York

The RoboSpartans FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team came home from the World Championship in St. Louis with quite a list of goals for their next season.  At the top of that list, in huge print, were the letters PTC.

As team member Timothy Ha put it “At Worlds, we suddenly found ourselves in a sea of pits with PTC banners. Here we were, a team that got to St. Louis through the PTC Design Award and we knew very little about the benefits of using PTC Creo.”

From their little 18×20 work area, they took on the challenge of growing PTC and started making calls and setting up meetings to get a local workshop in place before the end of summer. Their determination recently paid off with 38 people attending their 5-hour Saturday workshop.

The RoboSpartans are an incredibly goal-oriented team. They use their 5 years experience and a tremendous amount of determination to not only surpass what others expect from them, but  to obliterate preconceived notions of what a little basement-based team can do.

From one of the poorest counties in their State, the RoboSpartans have helped grow teams to the point where a local college now hosts a Championship Tournament and 3 Qualifying events this fall.