Four PTC Creo Blogs You Should Also Know About

PTC has hundreds of resellers all over the world. Often, these companies are experts in certain industries, geographies, and technologies, providing clients with PTC software, training, and consulting. Some even take on contract engineering work.

Which is all a long way of saying, authorized PTC partners and resellers know what they’re talking about. And when they write about product development and CAD, the results are often informative and interesting—even for readers who aren’t engaged with the reseller company. If you haven’t run into them yet, let me introduce you to four partners and where they post:

EAC PDS: CAD Tools DO Matter

Based in Minnesota, EAC keeps up an active web presence. In fact, you may have already encountered one of the company’s many video tips for PTC Creo:

Like the videos, the EAC Product Development Solutions blog delivers high-quality, thought-provoking topics several times a month. At present, the blog is rolling out an extensive series on systems thinking (that is, looking at product development as a system rather than a process)–which should interest anyone involved in product development.

Don’t miss …

For a short, sweet story of a company that adopted PTC Creo, in at least one case rejecting SolidWorks, we like last spring’s post about Augustine Die & Mold.

Blog author C. Ganzel writes, “Some people say that selecting a CAD tool doesn’t matter. I don’t agree.” In this post, she explains why, revealing that Augustine ultimately reduced cycle times 50%. Read the article to find out how they did it (and why one Augustine engineer says PTC Creo Parametric is the best CAD software on the market).

Concurrent Engineering: The Three Videos That Will Advance Your PTC Creo 3.0 Skills

Over the years, the Concurrent Engineering blog has explored topics like “What’s the Difference between PDM and PLM?” and “5 Great PTC Creo Parametric Features Every User Should Know About.”

Don’t miss …

Recently, this UK-based PTC partner evaluated dozens of just-posted YouTube videos from PTC and identified three of the best for advancing your skills in PTC Creo 3.0.

“When it comes to learning new skills, there’s nothing like seeing how something works in practice,” notes the author. We agree. But when it comes to countless hours of YouTube videos, there’s also nothing like having someone else show you where to start. Thanks Concurrent!  Read the articles to see the three videos they selected.

B-WI: “We Found It Necessary to Highlight Why This Extension Is So Awesome”

The Barry-Wehmiller International (B-WI) blog has produced dozens of articles covering everything from lean product development to engineering collaboration. This very thorough blog is gold mine of case studies, think pieces, and infographics.

Don’t miss …

Among B-WI posts, look for last spring’s in-depth two-parter on PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension (DEX).

“[PTC Creo] DEX was featured as a powerful extension [introduced] with the release of PTC Creo 3.0,” reads the blog. “We found it necessary to highlight why this extension is so awesome for product innovation.”

Read the articles as they compare the design change process with and without PTC Creo DEX.

INNEO Solutions UK: Who Knew Wire Joiners Could Be So Watchable?

INNEO Solutions is a European partner with offices in the UK, Germany, and Switzerland. Although we’re focusing largely on partner blogs here, INNEO has  standout YouTube channels worth following.

On the INNEO Solutions UK channel, you’ll find PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0 how-tos. The German-language INNEO Solutions channel includes demos of PTC Creo Parametric 3.0 and PTC Windchill PDMLink.

Don’t miss …

INNEO videos, English or German, that feature successful PTC users are always worth your 3 minutes. Nicely lit, shot, and edited, INNEO’s customer videos are interesting and beautiful. Who knew that wire joiners could be so watchable!


If you want to find out what our other 200+ partners are saying about PTC Creo, you can find them at our partner page.