PTC Express Reader Survey Results

Not long ago, we posted a survey to find out more about our PTC Express readers and what they hope to find in the newsletter. Your answers help us decide what content to develop and share. They also confirm that we’re writing in a way that’s appropriate to our audience. Here’s what we learned:

Who reads PTC Express?

The majority of our readers are CAD software users (49%), with some managers (16%), administrators (15%), and students mixed in. Judging by the open-ended questions, one or two PTC Mathcad users also took part in the survey. [Ed- our February edition features the latest release of PTC Mathcad – register here to make sure you read about it first in PTC Express]

What do they want?

Tutorials and demos are popular, as are tips for using the software. You backed up your survey responses in your open-ended answers about topics you’d like to see: More about techniques for using tools like simulation, sheet metal, injection molding, and flexible modeling.

You’re interested in what’s new and what’s coming, including coverage of PTC product strategy and new releases. And you’d like to hear more about best practices for better product development.

What you don’t seem to want very much from us is career advice.


Interesting enough. But who won Microsoft Surface?

Not everyone who takes a survey hands over his or her email address. But those who did were entered in a drawing for a new Microsoft Surface (designed with Creo, by the way). From that pool of people, we randomly drew a name to determine the winner.

But really, who won the Microsoft Surface?

Ladric D’Schommer-Grant. If that’s you, congratulations! Enjoy your Microsoft Surface.

And thanks to everyone for taking our survey and contributing your ideas to make the blog even better in 2015. If you weren’t able to take the survey or have additional suggestions for us, we’re always interested in your feedback. Write to us at

Ed – watch out for new editions of PTC Express featuring more of the content you asked for.

Did you know the Microsoft Surface was designed using Creo running on a Microsoft Surface?