Creo Weekend Reader

Here’s your rundown of the best of Creo CAD software on the internet for January 30, 2016.

Three Tips for Fast and Furious 3D Prototyping provides new insights to working successfully with 3D printing.

Farmers Without Tractors: CAD Design for Rural India introduces a company engineering better implements for human- and animal-powered agriculture.

Five Engineering Wonders in Blade Runner that Now (sort of) Exist argues that the dark dystopian future of the classic sci fi movie has arrived.

Did You Know: Unite Technology offers how to advice for anyone who needs to work with more than one CAD format.


In social media

Design Engine alerted us to a job opening at Lockheed Martin in Denver for an ME with a background in Creo via our Facebook page.

Faiz Ahmad told us about this video on YouTube that demonstrates the basics of profile placement in PC Creo’s framework extension.

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