Creo Weekend Reader–January 23

Here’s your rundown of the best of Creo CAD software for January 23, 2016.

  • Too Lean to Learn introduces a new eBook from Lifecycle Insight’s Chad Jackson. The first in a series, this post explores the reasons teams stay with their favorite old software—even as they’re losing competitive advantage.
  • Designing Hoses and Tubes celebrates the basic cylinder, and everything it’s done for us lately. Plus, some tips for anyone just starting out with 3D CAD tools.
  • When Concrete Fails describes how a small square of rubber, when engineered wrong, can derail a locomotive. Then, it introduces you to a company in India that makes sure that doesn’t happen.


In social media

  • Live in Boston? Design Engine Education alerted us to a job opening for a ME with a background in Creo via our Facebook page.
  • Vladimer Palffy shared his newest tutorial: How to Use the Helical Sweep Feature for a 3D Model of a Bottle.

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