Creo 3.0 Top Enhancement: Connection Analysis for Surfaces

Long-time PTC customers will tell you that design accuracy and reliability are what makes PTC engineering software stand out from the competition. It’s a reputation that PTC is both proud of and continuing to perfect.

That’s one reason Creo 3.0 includes the new Connection Analysis tool. From a single dialog, you can examine the integrity of position, tangency, or curvature continuity between surfaces and curves in your design. Now, based on the analysis, you can ensure the techical surfaces in your design meet your exacting criteria.

Rather than selecting individual surface boundaries and curves, with Creo 3.0 you quickly analyze the entire model to highlight connections that don’t meet your design criteria.

To reach the tool, just click the Analysis tab. Then click Inspect Geometry > Connection. This will launch the Connection Analysis dialog. From there, you can indicate the kind of connection you want to analyze (position, tangency, curvature).

“For example,” says Paul Sagar, Product Management Director for Creo, “if you select Tangency, you can perform a tangency analysis of the entire quilt.”

You also use the Connection Analysis dialog to specify how you want the system to show you the results.

To see how it works, click the image to watch the demo:

Building a Path to Smart Market Value Image

Connection analysis is available in the Creo Interactive Surface Design (ISDX) Extension, watch the product demonstration below for the key capabilities.

Connection Analysis is just one of many new capabilities in Creo 3.0.