Creo 3.0 Top Enhancement: Creo Intelligent Fastener Extension (IFX)

It shouldn’t come as a shocking revelation that fasteners are involved in a great number of products. As such, most of you probably spend a good deal of time adding fastener assemblies into your 3D CAD models. Install the screws, install the nuts, install the washers, generate the holes, don’t forget the countersinks, and so on.

Every seat of Creo Parametric comes with some fastener capabilities. And with Creo 3.0, and the Creo Intelligent Fastener Extension (IFX), you’ll need fewer steps to make those connections—a lot fewer. Plus, you’ll get more reliable results when you do. That’s because the new extension provides more options than ever for creating fastener assemblies, and it makes sure fastener parts are placed in the right location and holes are made to standard.

There are two options available for Creo IFX: Standard and Advanced.

In the standard Creo IFX, you can assemble a screw on any point, axis, or hole. Simply click the location of your fastener, select the screw from a library, and then choose your details: counterbores, threads, washers, etc. You can always reassemble, redefine, and delete fasteners later too, if needed.

The standard version handles patterns, too. For example, if you were to reassemble a fastener that was already part of a pattern, Creo IFX would prompt you to repeat the action on the entire pattern (though it wouldn’t force you to do so).

In the advanced Creo IFX, you can assemble dowels as well as screws. You can also customize your fastener components, and have the system automatically check the integrity of your fasteners whenever the model changes. For example, if you thicken a wall that includes a fastener, the system can alert you if the dowel or screw is now too short to make its connection.

To learn more about Creo IFX, watch this brief PTC University Learning Exchange demo (free registration required):

With Creo Intelligent Fastener Extension, screw and dowel pin connections are now much easier to work with, saving you steps, providing more options, and helping you design faster.

The features in Creo IFX are just a few of the new options available in Creo 3.0. Explore this blog for more demos. And come back often; we’ll have several more in the near future.

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