PTC Announces Windchill 11: Smart Connected PLM™

Last month at PTC LiveWorx Europe in Stuttgart, Germany, PTC President and CEO Jim Heppelmann announced the latest release of PTC’s flagship PLM software: Windchill 11.

With more than 1.5 million users around the world, Windchill helps discrete manufacturers manage and optimize their product development and lifecycle processes. As the first smart, connected PLM platform in the industry, Windchill 11 is empowered by Internet of Things technology to deliver an innovative new approach to managing a product’s lifecycle that is smart, connected, complete, and flexible.

Watch the recorded Windchill 11 Launch Telecast event, originally broadcast December 15  to learn more.

PLM that Is Smarter.

Windchill customers already manage a wealth of product data and processes in PLM – including product development workflows, bills of material, CAD and parts data, documents and procedures, and engineering collaboration. Extending this valuable data to more of the enterprise, without the need for extensive training, is key to getting the most out of a “single source of truth” for product data and processes.

Role-based apps, which are brand-new in Windchill 11, do just that. They deliver a simple, streamlined user experience to reach the right data in just a few clicks. Information is role and task specific, tailored to unique user needs and delivered in a simple browser or mobile user interface in context with the work they do.


Role-based apps delivered in Windchill 11 introduce a brand-new paradigm in ease-of-use for PLM. See them in action in the recorded Windchill 11 Launch Telecast!

PLM that Is More Connected.

PLM has never really lived up to the name product “lifecycle” management because data and learnings from the operational phase of the product’s lifecycle – arguably the longest and most important lifecycle phase – have been for the most part unobtainable. Until now.

Windchill 11 introduces Connected Quality, which leverages Internet of Things technology to capture and analyze data from smart, connected products and delivers these learnings back to the PLM users who design, develop, test, build, and service these products. For the first time in the industry, Windchill delivers an off-the-shelf connection between PLM data and processes and smart, connected products – enabling the bi-directional flow of PLM data and quality analytics between connected technologies and Windchill.

By closing the product lifecycle loop with IoT data captured in real time during the operation of physical products, teams involved in product planning, design, and quality can improve the work they do. They can learn from the product’s operational and performance data to improve features that customers use most, configure product offerings to better fit customer use, and redesign parts or systems to improve quality and save on costs using real-world test and field data to inform their decisions.

What’s more, Windchill itself is now a smart, connected product: delivering the new Windchill Performance Advisor so customers can “opt in” to connect their Windchill system performance data with PTC Technical Support for improved diagnostics, performance improvements, proactive fixes, benchmarks against other users’ system data, and more.

Windchill 11 launches Connected Quality, displaying real-world operational and performance data, quality analysis, and PLM data together in one powerful, IoT-enabled user interface. See Connected Quality in action in the recorded Windchill 11 Launch Telecast .

PLM that Is More Complete.

Managing the complete product Bill of Materials has always been a core strength of Windchill. New capabilities strengthen and extend this capability throughout the entire product lifecycle, starting in requirements and ending in service.

Parts and structures in Windchill 11 can now be associated with upstream system-level requirements authored and managed in Integrity Lifecycle Manager. Robust new OSLC standardization and a highly visual, intuitive user experience extend traceability and change management all the way back to the original product requirements.

New capabilities to enhance BOM transformation deliver a visual, easy-to-use UI for managing concurrent bills of materials with unique views for engineering (eBOMs), manufacturing (mBOMs), and service (sBOMs). Highlighted changes between the BOMs cascade easily between each discipline to improve visibility, transparency, and collaboration between each of the various groups that need to interact with the product definition.

Additional capabilities throughout core PLM functions in Windchill 11 are too numerous to list here. The latest release improves search capabilities with a faceted approach that feels more like a familiar Web search interface; it enables powerful Creo 3 capabilities like Creo Unite and Creo Design Exploration Extension flexibility to support a highly agile approach to product design; it expands capabilities in the Customer Experience Management Model; and much, much more.


New capabilities to manage and transform a Bill of Materials advance the core PLM functionality of Windchill 11. See these demonstrated in the recorded Wndchill 11 Launch Telecast .

PLM that Is More Flexible.

PTC offers a variety of deployment options for Windchill 11, including SaaS in the cloud, perpetual and on-premise solutions, and subscription pricing on an active-user basis. Value-ready deployment services are offered from PTC’s own world-class Global Services organization or through a network of consulting and value-added partners. This flexibility makes Windchill 11 ideal for both large enterprises and small-medium businesses that need product lifecycle management software with a fast-time to value, low total cost of ownership, and complete compatibility with their IT resources.

Throughout these capabilities and more, Windchill 11 offers Smart Connected PLM™ that addresses the complete product lifecycle in flexible new ways. Hear what our customers are saying about the new release, and learn how Windchill benefits products across all industries, by watching the recorded  Windchill 11 Launch Telecast