PTC Academic Program Offers Free Downloads of PTC Creo Student Edition

Attention science and engineering students: The PTC University Academic Program is offering free downloads of the PTC Creo Student Edition as well as a free PTC Creo Primer Guide for Students who want to get to know the software better.

The primer will introduce students to the modeling, visualization and design tools in PTC Creo Parametric, our flagship 3D CAD software. The primer teaches students how to use PTC Creo Parametric by providing an example of how they might use the software in the real world. Students will be taught how to use PTC Creo Parametric to model two components for a construction kit – a cube and a strut. The guide then explains how to put those two items together to form an assembly and create a photo-realistic rendered image and engineering drawing.

Here’s a picture of the cube and strut referenced in the primer guide:

Cube and Strut

Other subjects covered in the PTC Creo Primer Guide for Students include the PTC Creo Parametric interface; Working directories and saving work; Working Directly Theory; opening files; saving files; starting and extrude; creating a sketch; and much more.

PTC offers a free seat of PTC Creo Student Edition to any student that is part of the PTC Academic Program. The intent of this license is to expand PTC’s opportunity to provide PTC Creo to all students. Included is a one year timed license of PTC Creo Student Edition. Students can use this free software to prepare for class, complete homework assignments, and to become familiar with a product that over 27,000 companies use.

Watch this video to learn more about the PTC Academic Program:

Ed- Not a student? PTC also has free CAD software for you – find them all at the Free Software and Tools page.