Product Lifecycle Report: U.S. Reenters Manned Space Flight

“Even though he isn’t old enough to talk, Larry Price’s grandson speaks for many Americans. As he watched the recent Orion spacecraft liftoff, the toddler signed his equivalent of “more”.

As the deputy program director for Lockheed Martin, and the prime contractor for the Orion spacecraft program, Price wants more manned spaceflight, too. He has devoted much of his working life to helping the United States return to space. He has been part of the team since 2004, and prior to that he worked on other projects including the cancelled X-38 International Space Station lifeboat.

Launched December 5th from Cape Canaveral in Florida, the Orion capsule—designed in PTC Creo—flew to space with the help of the Delta IV Heavy rocket. The four hour 24-minute test flight was meant to test the capsule’s systems in a live environment. The two highly elliptical orbits designed to give the spacecraft a real life workout and send it through the Van Allen radiation belt to test the onboard gear.”

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Ed-interested in finding out more about NASA’s Space Launch System? Watch this short video: