Product Design Shorts: Faster Robots, 3D Bro-dudes, and Steampunk ATMs

Some of our favorite recent product design stories.

My motorcycle left for Sturgis without me

Yamaha is working on MOTOBOT, an autonomous, motorcycle-riding humanoid robot. So, not only can your robot deactivate mine fields, clean the kitchen, and keep the factory operating around the clock, now it can take your place at Sturgis too. What’s the point, Yamaha?

The company says it’s collaborating with SRI International, one of the world's leading R&D centers, to develop MOTOBOT, and will put the knowledge and underlying high-level fundamental technology gained from this challenge to use in product development and toward creating new value.

Dream of the (18)90s technology

Do we know how they designed it? No. Do we know if they used 3D modeling? We’re not sure. What we do know is that we know cool design when we see it. To celebrate local neighborhoods where they have branches, CIB Bank in Budapest broke out retro (like, really retro) steampunk-style ATM machines. The machines were run by steam-powered gears and “took people’s photographs and printed out personalized ‘bank notes’ with their faces on them.” Unfortunately no cash was given out.

Watch the video to see these machines in all their turn, turn of the century glory:

Did you remember Mom?

Mother’s Day 2016. If you’re reading this now and realize you need to get mom a gift, bad news, bro: you missed the deadline. However, if you had the day marked on your calendar and had a cool $30k in your pocket you could have sent mom a life-size 3D-printed model of yourself thanks to Groupon. All this is made possible by SWIGRO, official distributors of the BigRep ONE. The largest 3D printer on the market, the technology makes it capable of recreating an entire person in crisp, vivid detail. We’re impressed. Want to bag on this year’s holidays? Get your order in now.  

It’s just like being there with good ol’ mom.

Industrial-sized IoT

We all know about smart sensors, monitoring, and the Internet of Things (IoT) when it comes to consumer products (cough fitness trackers cough). However, ABB is taking that same concept to a much higher and much bigger level. Its smart sensor solution provides a “condition monitoring solution” for low-voltage (LV) motors. Up to now it’s been too expensive to use permanently installed monitoring with LV motors. As a result most LV motors are simply run until they fail. With an IoT solution, operators can listen to the heartbeat of their motors and even let the motor communicate how it feels, while offering advice on what it needs looking after.

It’s impressive and you’ll want to watch this to see more:

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