Customized Polaris Slingshot Takes on San Diego

Are you that person in the neighborhood that stands in front of your house and shakes your fist at cars going one mile over the speed limit as they drive by? You might want to look away from the video we’d like to share with you.

Watch it here:

Whether you watch or not, the video illustrates the power and driving capability of the Polaris Slingshot, a new type of vehicle on the market and on the streets. Shot around San Diego (in the wee morning hours, with a closed course and police escort) the video shows the vehicle as it whips around downtown, up and down hills, and takes corners so tight that you can hear squeaking. As they say in San Diego, the expert, precision driving skills of three-time U.S. rally cross champion and four-time X-Games gold medalist Tanner Foust, matched with the car’s performance, are “bitchin.”

What is it exactly? The Slingshot is a three-wheeled motorcycle. It isn’t an automobile, it doesn’t have airbags, and it doesn’t meet automotive safety standards. In other words, it’s a super modified trike that handles and drives like a racecar. And if you do find yourself driving one, always wear DOT-approved full-face helmet and fasten your seat belts (that’s a given).The highly modified Slingshot SL vehicle built by and custom builder SlingStreet, sports a custom turbo-charged engine, amongst other race-inspired modifications, making this one of the best-handling and most powerful Slingshots ever built.

Not only does the vehicle perform impressively, it doesn’t hurt having Foust driving it (as they say in the commercials, “don’t try this at home”), but its design is unmatched.

Lifting up the hood

As you can imagine, the Slingshot is engineered like a space shuttle and might even travel faster than a booster rocket (we’re kidding, kind of).

So, how does it perform and handle so well?

Its powertrain has a 2.4 L Ecotect engine with a 9.8-gallon fuel tank, 5-speed manual transmission, carbon fiber reinforced belt drive and short header exhausts. The cockpit’s media console has a 4.3 LCD screen, back-up camera, Bluetooth integration and an audio system.

It rides and handles so efficiently thanks to electronic power-assisted steering, short tuned suspension with a forged aluminum, double wishbone coil-over, gas-filled shocks and sway bar. Its chassis is engineered from high-strength steel and thin-walled, low alloy steel.

We can only imagine all of its numerous moving parts and different models and versions that need to be designed, cataloged, and then customized quickly. We’re going to take a guess and say that 3D CAD software was involved at some point during its design, giving the engineers and designers their own needed power and speed to design such an intricate, complex, and remarkable piece of engineering that also happens to look like a lot of fun.

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