Performance Advisor for PTC Creo: Why CAD Users Love It and Administrators Need It

It’s not unusual for small and medium-sized businesses to take shortcuts with product lifecycle management (PLM).  Design files get stored on the desktop, files are exchanged via shared folders, and permissions are adjusted manually.

But what happens when your computer crashes? When team members come and go? And how do you prevent files from being overwritten or make sure engineering changes are getting to the right people?

Image: Bruce Turner

Traditionally, you would have eventually turned to a PLM system as your company grew.But fortunately, you have new options today, including professional PLM on the cloud. With a hosted solution, you access the same software that enterprises have been using for years to securely manage their engineering design, processes, and more—but at small company prices.

With a cloud solution, you not only take control of your product lifecycle, you start to enjoy competitive advantages you might not have thought about. Consider these five ways PLM on the cloud helps SMBs compete:

  1. You save money. With PLM on the cloud, you pay a nominal fee. For example, you can pay for each user who accesses the system in a given month. You don’t need to buy extra hardware or pay additional fees for features. It’s all there for you as soon as you sign up.

  2.  You avoid frustrating upgrades. Keeping your software tools up to date shouldn’t be cause for frustration or downtime. With a hosted solution, expert software tuners help you by keeping your shop uniform all around.

  1. It’s safe. When you store data on the cloud, the secure walls of a data center protect your information from harm and theft. Redundancy, virus scanning, and firewalls all team up to keep your data safe and available.

  1. The ROI takes no time. Because you aren’t forced to buy hardware, you get a return on your investment almost immediately. Skip the capital projects. A bit of pin money from your operational budget yields big returns with PLM on the cloud.

  1. It grows with you. In some cases, you can start using PLM with a single account or 100 accounts. No matter the size of your business now, the solution can scale effortlessly to accommodate your users and their storage needs in the future.See what the experts say. We had a chat with Chris Bergquist, the PLM Solutions Director at PTC. He gives in-depth answers to the questions SMB’s often have about PLM solutions. Read his thoughts on why SMB’s have avoided PLM, and how PTC’s solution, PTC PLM Cloud solves PLM problems that are unique to the SMB market.


Learn more about how PTC can help you get started with PLM in the Cloud with a plan that is right for your business needs.