Inspiring Kids with STEM and Creo

“There is nothing more precious than our children. The future of our country depends on the quality of life and education we provide for them here and now.” Barbara Koscak, founder of STARBASE Academy, a Department of Defense STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) program for youth. 

Koscak recently attended a Creo training seminar held at Jackson Barracks for instructors that need to be certified in the Creo program.  It is an engineering design program utilized by fifth graders who attend STARBASE.  

Lisa Calabresi, a former Chalmette resident who is the director of the local STARBASE academy, hosted the two-day training seminar. The training was conducted by a CAD Administrator and Education facilitator of the PTC software company. 

“The Creo program is a valuable tool for students who attend the academy,” Calabresi said. “It gives them a chance to experience an actual engineering design program, and to create and assemble their own projects.”

The STARBASE Academy services Chalmette area schools, and the Greater New Orleans area.  

The program allows students to design an International Space Station module from scratch, and also to assemble parts to various military or space exploration vehicles.  The students can print out their created module on STARBASE’s 3-Dimensional printer. Read more