New Webcasts: Better Design Validation and Reviews for Your Entire Team

How many design reviews have you been involved in this month? According to PTC’s 2014 Study on Design Validation and Reviews, you probably participated in anywhere from 17 to 57. That breaks down to almost one per day, but can reach almost three per day. Multiply that by the number of people in any given review, and you have a lot of time invested. And we haven’t even discussed the time spent preparing for those reviews.

Do frequent reviews help you avoid mistakes and improve your products? Absolutely. However, most of us agree it wouldn’t hurt to shave them down a bit. Getting the same work done in less time shortens your time to market and improves profits.

If you think your design process could benefit from a little more design and a little less review, we have good news. PTC Creo View MCAD can help. Check out this introductory video:

Want more? Starting in September, PTC will launch a webcast series featuring PTC Creo View MCAD. In the series we’ll tackle common review problems and give you practical solutions, including the following:

  • A thorough explanation of the PTC Creo View product line, with a special focus on the ways PTC Creo View MCAD betters your design reviews.
  • How to smoothly include disparate file formats. See how well PTC Creo View MCAD handles third party products, whether it’s a partial model for a quick review or a full dataset for comprehensive inspections. This includes drawings and documents from varied sources.
  • How to include design markups and action items more efficiently. Avoid fiddling with notebooks and other manual processes outside your CAD tools. Save time by taking notes in the same software you’re using for product design and making it available without transcribing or copying data.
  • Ways you can find and fix problems before they happen. We’ll show you tips for detecting and resolving interferences, verifying clearances, using interactive animations, and affirming corrections.
  • Including PDF annotation and collaboration, interference analysis, scaling to massive files, and the ability to embed your native MCAD files into other products like Microsoft PowerPoint.

Following the demonstration, we’ll hold a live Q&A with PTC experts. This is your chance to hear about solutions that apply to your unique company environment and culture, and to see how PTC updated products like PTC Creo View MCAD in the most recent release. (Did you know the new version of PTC Creo View MCAD can render up to 10X faster than older PTC viewers?)

The full webinar will be about 60 minutes, which incidentally might be the same amount of time you’ve spent preparing for recent design reviews. Why not invest that same time learning how PTC Creo View MCAD will improve your design reviews years to come?

The first event begins September 2, 2015 at 11 am EST.