Moving to Creo 2.0: Experiences from SolidWorks and Inventor Users

We know Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire users find Creo Parametric easier to use by a long shot, and especially the reworked workflows in common areas like sketching, part modeling, assembly modeling, sheet metal, and drawing – it’s really increased their design productivity.

But what about those that aren’t familiar with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, but have experience with SolidWorks or Autodesk Inventor?

Damián Castillo, CAD & Administration Manager at Hensley Industries, recently trained several new employees on Creo Parametric. These new employees has never used Creo, but had a mix of previous CAD experience with SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor.

Hensley Industries is based in the US and manufactures ground engaging tools, buckets, and specialized attachments for excavation, reclamation, mining, trenching, or any other earth-moving industrial equipment.

Now with the training of new employees complete, we wanted to find out more about their experiences with Creo.

GH: Damián, could you tell us a little bit about your background?

Castillo: I’m responsible for making sure the engineering team is as productive as possible with respect to their design tools. This involves using the right tools, management, and services such as training, customization, etc. I’ve been using Pro/ENGINEER since version 12, and now have over16 years experience with the software. Before adopting Creo 1.0 (and now Creo 2.0), the team was using Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0.

GH: What was your approach to training new employees on Creo?

Castillo: I ran a live training session with them, introducing them to Creo Parametric- and taking them through the key areas of the software they’d be using on a daily basis. The training took just 5 days. And the overall feedback from these new users was very positive.

GH: What was their experience with Creo?

Castillo: The user experience, streamlined workflows, and modern ribbon user interface makes it really easy for users of other CAD products to get up to speed and work with Creo. Many of them already have experience of the Microsoft Ribbon user experience, so the Creo user experience is very familiar to them.

In fact, the new users said it was a lot easier to use Creo than the other CAD products (SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor) that they’d been previously using.

GH: And now that there using Creo – what’s they’re feedback?

Castillo: They’ve continue to appreciate Creo and have quickly become proficient in using Creo Parametric. In the few cases were they can’t find a command, they’re using the new Command Finder tool to quickly find a command, and once the command presented to them, they simply continue working. There’s been a lot of praise on how easy Creo Parametric was to learn, and how the software that flows perfectly together.

Bottom Line:  Moving to Creo is easy and quick for Pro/ENGINEER users and users of any CAD system – this means we can look to hire engineers because of their skills and experience, rather than just their CAD proficiency.