More Trouble with Concept Designs

In a recent post, we talked about how most product developers believe they’d benefit from exploring more design alternatives. With more ideas to choose from, they would likely start with better quality solutions, and ultimately better products.


Unfortunately, quantity is not the only trouble with concept design.  


It turns out that, while we all generally can agree well in advance on the tools we'll use for 3D CAD design, analysis, tooling, manufacturing, and such, we are all over the place when it comes to concept design software.


One person pitches ideas with a sketch, another makes a 3D CAD model, and yet another shows up with a handsome 3D rendering.


So what?


Well, eventually all concept designs should wind up in one of two places. The losers ought to be archived so that nobody has to start from scratch again next rev. (And there’s always a next rev, right?) The winners have to move on to detailed design ... even those that started out as scribblings in an engineering notebook.


As a result, designers find they often have to recreate those concept designs in a more sharable and reusable format.


Not a very efficient approach for a savvy fast-moving design team.


So how does your concept design process compare to others? We've collected the data and now you can see what percentage of product designers like you are recreating designs from scratch (hint: It's more than half).


Download the infographic, Making Concepts Shareable, today to see the numbers.


There's good news, however. PTC has been working on tools that can not only help you capture your ideas effectively, but also share them easily. We'll tell you more about that soon. Meanwhile, download the infographic to fully appreciate the scope of the problem.