Microsoft Tablet and 3D CAD Used to Design Next-Gen Microsoft Tablet

Suppose a computer company wanted to convince you that its wafer-thin tablet could replace your laptop. As an engineer or designer, you probably want to see the device run some full-blown 3D CAD software. Right?

With the Microsoft Surface, you don’t even have to ask. The engineering team just released a YouTube video that shows PTC Creo running on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

In fact, Andrew Hill, director of mechanical engineering, says his team is designing the next Microsoft Surface Pro model with PTC Creo Parametric running on the current Surface Pro model.

It’s possible because the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 packs an Intel Core i7, 512GB storage, and 8GB RAM within that slight 0.36-inch frame.

We are delighted to see PTC Creo featured in the Microsoft Surface video. However, we do have to agree with YouTube commenter, Nathan Bell, who writes: A longer video is needed. Show us more!

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