Meet Dozer and His New Treads

For most of us, fall arouses images of football, heavy sweaters, and pumpkin spiced (fill in the blank here). But over at St. Joseph’s Preparatory High School in Boston, they’re thinking about autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, and a character named Dozer.

No. Wrong Dozer.

The Firebirds (Team 1965)  at St. Joseph’s are getting ready for the annual FIRST robotics competition, and that means they’re taking their test machine, affectionately named “Dozer,” off the shelf.

Testing 1,2,3
Dozer is a beta robot on which the team tries new ideas and innovations before applying them to their competition robot.

Right dozer.

One striking thing about Dozer is his navigation abilities. It’s not unusual for high school robots to have courses preprogrammed into them, or for students to use remote control technology to drive the machines. Dozer, however, can navigate school hallways autonomously, using sensors to avoid obstacles.

Check out his video: