Mashable: Is this the design for the first road-ready 3D-printed car?

The future of driving may not just be autonomous, it could be 3D printed.

This week, Local Motors, the company that brought you the world’s first 3D-printed car (the Strati), took another significant step forward on the road to highway-ready 3D printed vehicles: On Tuesday, it awarded 39-year-old Kevin Lo $7,500 for his 3D-printed car design.

Lo’s design, Reload Redacted — Swim Sport, took first place in Local Motors Project Redacted 3D-printed car design competition. The goal of the competition, which Local Motors pitched to its design community in May, was to come up with a suitable, highway-ready design for the next generation of 3D-printed cars. [Ed. Note that Local isn’t a conventional auto maker. Watch the corporate video below, and you’ll see what I mean.]

The winning design, which was selected by the Local Motors design community and a panel of judges that included former Tonight show TV host and car aficionado Jay Leno, will be the foundation of Local Motors’ first 3D-printed road-ready car.

With just three weeks to come up with a design, Lo, who works full-time at HP, spent nights and weekends working in PTC Creo software. He then exported the design to a CAD file and rendered the image you see above and throughout this story in Keyshot. Lo told me that for his design he intentionally chose form over function. “The idea behind my entry was you build that carbon-fiber tub [which would hold the batteries, motor, chassis and wheels] and you can put whatever body you want on it,” said Lo.

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[Ed. To find out more about PTC Creo and its relationship with 3D Printing, read the collection of stories highlighted in the August edition of PTC Express–our monthly e-newsletter.]