Making the most of the long weekend: Three ways to get ready for the summer

It happens. Summer ends. Fall starts, then winter enters the picture. You go through life. Go to work, mostly stay inside, do some product design, dazzle your boss and customers. And then. The weather starts to warm up. You glance outside. Your weather-neglected backyard patio or front yard area suddenly materializes again – just in time for Memorial Day (or the bank holiday if you live in the UK), the gateway to summer, and the start of grilling season. However, when dragging out your grill you discover:

  • A thick coat of some sort of brownish-greenish nature has grown and produced since last October– covering your entire patio with slippery moss.
  • A nice, quiet family of possums have set up their home under your deck.
  • Your grill has the remnants of a half-cooked hot dog from last season (that’s where that went!) and is covered in…something.

As an respected engineer, your family practically expects you to figure out how to amend the situation, get your space back and up and running for the weekend, and maybe even make some embellishments (e.g., can we trick out your grill with some IoT?).

Here are some tips to get rolling:

No.1: Rent or buy a power washer to clean the gunk

There’s something very satisfying about power washing. It’s methodical, soothing, and life affirming at the same time. Need proof? Watch this time-lapse video: 

With most power washers, you can use different settings and levels to clean wood decks, and windows. For instance, Briggs & Stratton has introduced pressure washers that deliver up to five gallons per minute. (Can your thumb put out that kind of PSI?) Features include a 7-in-1 nozzle so you can adjust pressure settings and apply detergents with the twist of the nozzle head.  

There’s a new fence back there waiting to come out. [h/t Briggs & Stratton Powerflow]

No 2:  Clean your grill, quickly

You can use de-greaser that sits on the grill then removes last year’s buildup on grill. You could also use a wire brush to scrub, of course. And if all else fails, replace the grill.

Pro tip: Do not clean your grill with fire.

If it’s still beyond repair, it might be time to get a new unit. That leads us to…

No. 3: Buy a smarter, more connected unit

We were half-kidding about IoT grills, but if you're the type that always wants to be a step ahead, you should know: IoT is real. The SABER grill, shown below, offers real-time cooking information and control functions via an app and a Wi-Fi connection. Using apps, you can get real-time information such as grill temperature, burner on/off status, level of fuel in the tank, alerts for pre-heat readiness, temperature changes, and when the grill is cool enough for cleaning, among other things.  

Cook in real-time via your app. Photo: Saber

You make your living being innovative– we're confident you’ll find a way to get your grill out from the shadows and back in action (think velocity, resistance, and gravity and you should be good). Enjoy your summer and say hello to the possum family for us.  

(Ed. On a more serious note, we’d also like to take the time to remember the veterans on Memorial Day who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Thank you for your service.]