LiveWorx 2015: An Invitation for CAD and PLM Users

From factories to furniture, very soon it won’t be enough to model objects that are ergonomic and hold up under physical stresses. Your designs will also have to collect, communicate, and respond to data seamlessly.

But there’s good news for engineers and designers in the smart, connected future.  Amazing opportunities are coming your way. If you’re a skilled and imaginative developer, you’ll be on the front line of what some are calling the fourth industrial revolution.  In fact, the more you learn about IoT, the more fascinating your future looks.

With that in mind, PTC’s executive vice president Mike Campbell is extending this invitation to CAD and PLM users to attend LiveWorx 2015:

At LiveWorx 2015, which takes place in Boston May 4-7, you’ll hear from a Harvard professor, an Apple co-founder, the governor of Massachusetts, analysts, and industry experts about what to expect as the Internet of Things picks up momentum. You’ll learn about security, product successes, and even municipal applications. Plus you’ll find out how IoT will impact your PTC products. Visit the website.