Konstruktions Praxis: Three Guys and a Seat of Creo

Three men, one CAD license, and a common goal – that’s how it all began for engineering service provider Triple-Ing back in 2006.

Benjamin Heinrich, Berislav Nikic, and Markus Schnell met while studying  mechanical engineering in Stuttgart, Germany. Together, they built a two-seater sports car to demonstrate their skills. And soon after, and with a single license of Creo, they launched their own company.

Triple-Ing’s sweet spot: turbochargers for power or increasing the efficiency of reciprocating engines. (Image: Triple-Ing)


In those early years, they worked around the clock to meet customer demand. “It was a bumpy ride,” says Berislav Nikic. “But we were focused. We all had studied automotive engineering and internal combustion engines and knew we could bring value to our customers.”

Pinnacle turbocharger

The first customer was Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems (see the video below if you’re not already familiar with the company), which approached Triple-Ing with a project scoped to take about one month of engineering. But it since developed into a long-term relationship. Today, Triple-Ing sees itself more as a partner than as a service provider for the company. In fact, the three engineers have adopted the motto “Your reliable partner – from the initial idea to the finished product.”

While turbocharger systems hold special interest for the three engineers, Benjamin Heinrich points out that because of the complexity of these systems,  Triple-Ing is adept at any complex system. That is, the team can easily transfer its knowledge to technical components in all industries.

Core competencies

Triple-Ing. describes its competencies today as the design and development of  turbochargers and combustion engines and plastic components–encompassing both final products and prototyping. The staff has grown too. Triple-Ing’s head office in Stuttgart employs 17 people. The company has also expanded into a manufacturing plant in Villingen-Schwenningen, Austria, with nine employees. There’s also a fully owned subsidiary in Croatia employing eight more engineers.

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[Ed. What could you build with one seat of Creo? Download the 30-day-free trial and find out.]