Introducing the PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension

Think about your approach to any challenge in which you explore new solutions.

If you’re starting with a completely new project, you might jot down ideas and alternatives on paper, or by using one of the PTC Creo offerings such as PTC Creo Sketch or other concept design tools. But if you need to address a product that already exists, you might just jump right into the existing 3D model and start making changes and looking at different alternatives to solving the challenge.

The problem is, most 3D CAD systems aren’t set up well for trying out alternative ideas and keeping track of the key decision points and design branches along the way. Usually, you make your changes to one model version, save them in a separate file, and then try your next alternative, and save another separate file.

In the end, you’re left with a folder full of your alternatives. When you’re ready to share your ideas with design reviewers, you’ll have to launch each of those files and present your changes one by one. Most likely, you’ll add a preparation step before the review, capturing all your ideas in software like Microsoft PowerPoint.

We’ve introduced a better workflow with PTC Creo 3.0, with the PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension (DEX).

PTC Creo DEX is fully integrated in PTC Creo Parametric. Set the current model as your pre-modified baseline and as you try out your ideas, create checkpoints and branches along the way.

A checkpoint bookmarks key design steps so you can return to a point at any time.

With checkpoints, you can quickly click back to your earlier model, create a branch, and design an alternative. You can also use one model, one file, for all alternatives. Watch the video below to explore these new capabilities.

The PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension offers a new, more flexible way to work on your design and engineering challenges. To learn more about it, contact us or one of our partners and arrange for a discussion and demonstration of these new capabilities.

Ed – over the next weeks we’ll be taking a closer look at this new extension, including free tutorials, live webcasts, and opportunities to ask PTC experts your questions about the PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension.