From India: Small Parts That Drive Big Performance

When we tell stories about product development, we confess to being drawn to fast cars. They’re sexy. But most of us, in our day-to-day work, are concerned about keeping the small components functional. A cast aluminum piece, a thermostat, an air filter—without the little things, the big showy things just don’t go.

That point was driven home to me recently when a pile of PTC Creo customer testimonials landed in my inbox.  All related to the automotive industry. All from India!

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It was timely, since one of our writers, a huge fan of Bollywood musicals, has been pointing out something similar about his favorite movies lately. Like a great automobile, these Hindi-language films only succeed when all the single parts work together, he says.

Coincidence? Probably. But with that, meet some of the PTC Creo customers from India that make sure your vehicle performs perfectly too:

UFI Filters specializes in fuel, oil, and air filters for the spare parts market—think the parts you pick up at the auto parts store when you replace the air filter in your car. But that’s not the only place you find the UFI brand—it’s also used by Formula 1 racing teams. Mr. Sunil Mishra, engineering manager, says that his company likes working with PTC Creo because the 3D CAD software “helps us design great products.”

ZF Electronics TVS works with its partner in the US to manufacture switches, sensors, and other electromechanical components. According to the company website, ZF not only engineers and manufactures its products to the highest standards, it also holds a major share of the switch market. V. Seeniivasan at that company says that his team uses PTC Creo Parametric “to perform powerful and complex tasks, with a down-to-earth interface.”


Auto Diecasting Company started out 30 years ago manufacturing diecast rotors. Today, you’ll find the company’s parts in electric motors, compressors, and more.  The company likes to include clients early in development, during the concept design phase, according to its website. That helps ensure cost effective design for fabrication and assembly. Another tool for lower costs and higher quality? PTC Creo.

CEO Hari Viswanathan says his company cut design time 20% using PTC Creo solutions (including PTC Creo Tool Design Extension) and improved design quality. And that help ADC “satisfy customer needs.” Which is what we all want, really.

INZI Controls is another decades-old company in the automotive sector. This company, based in China, makes components related to the engine, chassis, transmission etc. Products like thermostats, regulators, sensors, pressure switches, and valves.

According to the corporate website, the company is working on developing plastic parts that can endure high heat and high impact. This keeps lightens the weight of the engine and keeps gas mileage down. At the India plant, PTC products are helping them design accurate injection molded parts for manufacturing. “With PTC Creo Parametric we have reduced design time by approximately 30%,” says Mr. Sasikumar K.

We appreciate the kind words. Next time you peek under your hood, look for these company names. We’ll be featuring more customers from India in coming weeks.

Can’t wait? If you need more inspiration right now (engineering inspiration that is, we can’t actually help you with killer dance moves), check out our case studies page. It features stories on how your peers are overcoming engineering and design challenges to create and build remarkable projects every day.

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