Racecar Academy Founder Reflects on First Term, New Partners, and PTC Creo

Courses are wrapping up for the initial term at MotorSport Academy (MSA), the first school for Italian motorsports. The school is the training branch of Experis MotorSport, a company that for years has been providing engineers and scientists to major motorsport teams and companies. We interviewed academy founder, Luca Giovannini, director of Experis MotorSport and a long-time participant in the world of Formula 1.

Luke, what is your assessment of this first term and the role of MSA in motorsport today?
“The results are very positive. The three courses that are drawing to a close have been a great experience and fulfilled business expectations in a way that’s unprecedented in the industry. The Academy was introduced last December and in just four months we launched courses. Usually you have one year. This compressed timeline has led our staff and teachers to multiply efforts to make everything work perfectly and the result was amazing. The response from the teachers has been fantastic. They even allowed us to add some additional minor variations, such as CFD (computational fluid dynamics) modules from partners Adapco that weren’t initially planned for the program. ”

What curriculum are you planning for October?
“In October we’ll present seven courses. The success of the first term has attracted new major partners such as Magneti Marelli, with whom we have developed courses in electric motor and telemetry.

With our long-standing partner Dallara, we’ll once again present courses in aerodynamics, vehicle dynamics, and CAD design. These classes had an extraordinary response in the first term.

With these courses, we cover all areas of the motorsport engineering sphere.

 Your courses are truly comprehensive. You say this is due to your partners. But in practice, what is their contribution to the Academy?
“All of our premium partners – like Dallara and Marelli- very much believe in the value of specialized training and in particular the MotorSport Academy. They contributed to the design of the courses, provide teaching facilities, and above all, provide know-how for the workshops. We are talking about something exceptional such as the driving simulator and wind tunnel at Dallara, practice rooms and the Magneti Marelli engine at HPE, alongside the active designers within the company. In addition, the Premium Partner Academy also boasts great technical partners such as PTC and CD-ADAPCO that provide high-level software including PTC Creo CAD tools and STAR-CCM + for CFD analysis. Both, I want to emphasize, can be used both at our locations thanks to the free and unlimited licenses provided to our students. The Academy also is an Authorized Training Partner for PTC, which means that all graduates earn a certificate ….

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[Ed. You can see more about the course in the video below. If you don’t speak Italian, use the closed captioning button [CC] to turn on subtitles, then use the Settings button to translate.]