Experts Explore Creo Design Exploration Extension in New Webinar Series

PTC just announced a new series of webinars that demonstrate the Creo Design Exploration Extension (DEX). This add-on, released in Creo 3.0, provides a place within Creo Parametric where you can explore and save design alternatives, without committing any changes to the original model.

By creating a series of checkpoints and branches in Creo DEX, you can take a design in multiple directions, saving each idea along the way.

Would this stool be better with three-legs? Or four? Swivel or fixed? With Creo DEX, try out all the alternatives and then compare them by simply clicking on the various checkpoints. Rejected ideas stay with the model, so later designers don’t duplicate your work. Accepted ideas are easily committed to the source model. Again, all without ever leaving the Creo model file.

During the live webinars, PTC technical experts demonstrate how Creo DEX works and discuss how it can speed up design reviews, foster creativity, and lead to better decision making. They also answer your questions in a live Q&A session.

These webinars are free and will be delivered multiple times in February 2015. However, space is limited for each webinar, so register early.

English language (Eastern Standard Time) (make sure your language preference on is set to English):

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Creo DEX Datasheet

Ed – Can’t wait? See Creo DEX in action in this free PTC Learning Exchange tutorial (registration required).