DEVELOP3D: Ringing the Changes at Vertu

“Under one roof near Farnborough, UK, Vertu’s luxury mobile phones are designed, engineered and tested virtually before real life testing and skilled assembly. Tanya Weaver looks at the tools that have enabled the company to compress its product development cycle.

In July 2013, having reviewed its inherited Catia CAD system from Nokia, Vertu made the decision to go with a software tool from a different vendor – PTC Creo for CAD and PTC Windchill for PLM.


Inside the phone, the components are so tightly packed that it’s referred to internally as ‘Tetris work

“We did spend some time reviewing the inherited tool before we decided to take a brave step, which was to build something new and we haven’t really looked back since,” adds Draper.

Collaboration partners

A key reason for choosing these PTC tools was that it would not only enable collaboration internally within Vertu but externally with suppliers too.

Building and designing a phone is not exclusively a Vertu process. We have technology partners from across the world that we work with.

“Creo is used extensively in our supply chain and by selecting it we can enable these partners to easily work with our hardware and software teams, using a single digital representation of the design,” states Draper.”

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Ed- Watch Head of Design, Hutch Hutchison highlight the precious materials which are used to enhance the performance and quality of every Vertu.