Customer Story: LAESSER A.G. Swiss Embroidery Machines

How an industrial machinery company meets unique customer demands with Creo.

Embroidery machines today work by weaving thread through tightly stretched backing, not unlike the way your grandmother might have stitched flowers on a nice pillowcase for you. The difference, of course, is all about scale, speed, and, well, accuracy (sorry Nana).

The embroidery systems from LÄSSER manufacture complex nitrogen compounds - also here with sequins and laser-cut perforations.

An embroidered fabric with sequins and laser-cut perforations.

Meet LÄSSER AG, a world leader in large-scale embroidery machines. Using backing on frames that stand up to 1.65 m high and 30 m long, LÄSSER systems enlist more than 1000 needles at a time, working at a speed of 600 stiches a minute, and producing 1000+ identical patterns side by side.

Challenges and Solutions from INNEO and Creo

In a recent story, INNEO, a PTC Platinum Partner, described the challenges that LÄSSER AG faces with the design of their impressive machinery. For example,

  • If the frames are too small, the system vibrates and is unable to operate with precision.
  • Customers each have unique needs, but who can afford to design models from scratch every time?
  • Because of the size and scale, physical prototypes are prohibitively expensive—so engineers have to ensure and movements are accurate during digital design.

With the help of Creo Parametric, Creo Simulation, and INNEO, the Swiss company overcomes these challenges, and more. They digitally prototype models to ensure the moving parts operate correctly—long before investing in a physical machine. They now modularize components, so they can quickly design to order…

Read the whole story here. (It’s in German, but easy to read if you run it through Google Translate.)

3D CAD image shows machinery systems

The Creo models are used, among other things, to create visualizations that explain the complex production process to customers.

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