Creo Simulation Live: Front Row Demo

Creo Simulation Live is a new technology that lets you run real-time finite element analyses on your 3D models as you design.

 Crowd awaits Creo Simulation Live demo

Groups wait for a close up view of the Creo Simulation Live demo at LiveWorx. 

“We think this is so easy, so effortless, and instantaneous, customers will be more apt to use simulation in the design process,” says Brian Thompson, SVP CAD Segment at PTC. And that will lead to higher quality parts that are “much more likely to meet their requirements.”

How is all this even possible? Built in partnership with simulation icon ANSYS, the software draws on untapped power in your computer’s graphics card, so that your system continues running smoothly as ever while you design and simulate. 

If you still find those claims a little unbelievable, you’re not alone. “Before we demo it, nobody believes it's that easy and that fast,” says Mark Hindsbo, General Manager and VP at ANSYS. And in fact groups crowded around the Creo Simulation Live booth during LiveWorx recently to see it for themselves. 

That’s why we clipped a microphone on Philip Darlington, Technical Sales Fellow at PTC, as he demonstrated the software. Watch the video below for a front row seat:

During the presentation, Darlington shows how an engineer might use Creo Simulation Live to optimize a model for a lower von Mises stress value. With each change he makes to the model, he sees the results within a second or two.

That's the beauty of this, that instant feedback,” says Darlington. “As an engineer, you make changes you think will work … but are they necessarily going to give you the best results?

“Creo Simulation Live is like having a little wise owl sitting over your shoulder just saying ‘yeah, what you've done is a good design and a good engineering change.’"

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