Creo Community: Emer SpA Enables 14. 8 Million Vehicles to Go Green with PTC

While looking for examples of sustainable design this month, PTC customer Emer SpA caught our attention for their focus on alternative fuels.

But we’re not the only ones, their systems for converting gasoline-powered vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG) have been installed in over 14.8 million vehicles and are particularly popular in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Emer SpA also partners with companies like Volkswagen, BMW, MAN, Fiat, and Tata.

To convert regular vehicles Emer SpA places a new storage tank in the trunk of the vehicle and replaces the existing pressure regulators and fuel injectors. By completing the conversion from gasoline to CNG drivers can benefit from less wear and tear on their engines and most importantly produce fewer toxic emissions while on the road. To bring their CNG conversion systems to the masses the company uses PTC products: Creo, Windchill PDMLink and Creo View MCAD. Creo plays a key role in creation of the Emer SpA’s parts and assembly designs while PDMLink is used to allow anyone in their network of 230 employees dispersed globally communicate and collaborate on their designs. Read more