Corriere Comunicazioni: “Marriage of IoT and CAD”

It is no coincidence that Rob Gremley was chosen to head the new Internet of Things (IoT) business unit at PTC. Gremley is an expert in CAD software (the core business of the Needham-based company) and the manufacturing sector.

Rob Gremely, Executive Vice President, Product Development & Corporate Marketing, PTC

After observing a growing demand to link physical machines back to their design processes, PTC began acquiring companies specializing in analytics for IoT and integrating them together. The next challenge? Ease of use.

Tell us about your business.

Gremley: Over the past 15 years, we solidified our leadership position in CAD ​​software for the manufacturing sector, expanding our portfolio and focusing on product lifecycle management  and so on.

But about three years ago, we saw that customers were starting to connect machines to the Internet. As technology providers, we wanted to support them as they evolved. So after exploring the enormous potential impact on manufacturing of IoT, we found ourselves at a crossroads. Should we would develop a solution on our own, or seek resources outside?

You chose the latter.

Gremley: In 2013, we acquired Thingworx, a small but incredibly dynamic company specializing in communications between objects. Then we acquired Axeda, which allowed us to create a unique proposition for IoT by adding analytics capabilities. Finally, a few weeks ago, we acquired Coldlight, another small company at the very forefront of the analysis of big data and advanced learning.

Historically there has never been any connection between industrial design and testing, we are exploring a new world which, I am convinced, will reinvigorate CAD.

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[Ed. To learn more about how PTC envisions IoT and CAD interacting in the future, watch this brief video.]