ComputerWorld UK: 3D Printing Gets a Boost as Major Design Software Vendor Partners with Printer Firm

IoT firm and design software specialists PTC is collaborating with a 3D printer firm to optimize the computer assisted design-to-printing process for manufacturers.

Typically designers and manufacturers use a variety of tools along with 3D CAD software to design, optimize and validate parts before 3D printing, which leaves opportunities for mistakes.

Now Stratasy’ 3D printers will work seamlessly with PTC’s Creo 3.0 design software, so users can print straight from their designs.

“Advantages include geometric freedom and part functionality, economic low volume and on-demand manufacturing and the production of customized products,” Stratasys said.

The first printers to connect with PTC will be the Objet500 Connex3 which allows multi-colour and material printing. Stratasys said that other printers will follow suit.

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