Brain Teaser: Never Miss Another National Spaghetti Day

It’s the holidays, and that means we’ll soon be eagerly putting away the gift wrap and clearing off the dining room table in preparation for National Spaghetti Day.

For me, that means pasta, cheese, and old Sergio Leone movies. For the children, it’s a day to perfect their engineering skills as they build elaborate bridges from dried pasta.

“Spaghetti bridge” by Michelle Lowry


Sadly, I almost missed the celebration last January. That’s because when I asked my family what day the holiday falls on, nobody would give me a direct answer.

August said the date is an odd number.

Barbara said the nation celebrates the day in the last two weeks of the month.

Chas said the number is not a perfect square.

And Donnie said it is in fact a perfect cube.

Ethel said she has more cats than this number (about 12, to be honest).

My family’s logic is about as straightforward as Rotini. To make matters worse, it turns out, only one of them was telling the truth.

Without asking the Internet (but it’s okay to use PTC Mathcad), can you figure out when we sit down for National Spaghetti Day 2016?