Ampoules: They’re Not Just for Saving Bodily Fluids Anymore

There was a time when you could seal up fluids in a vial, and it didn’t matter so much whether the contents were pure. Our ancestors did it all the time, especially with blood. When someone important died, they would save a bit of the plasma in ampoules and stash them with the entombed body. Some even say that Mussolini’s blood was preserved (and later sold on eBay) in the glass capsules.

“Catacomb ampoules” by Joshua Sherurcij. Licensed under Attribution via Commons

But anymore, bodily fluids are the exception. Vials and ampoules now commonly hold pharmaceuticals that are carefully sealed, scored, labeled, and tracked. And as you might guess, those processes aren’t overseen by priests anymore, but by sophisticated automation and computers.

NKP Pharma, based in Ahmedabad, India, specializes in the modern machinery that handles pharmaceutical containers. A PTC Creo user, NKPcreates equipment that can cap, wash, fill, and even help you inspect what’s inside the ampoules for purity.

Flip through the company catalog and website, and you’ll see the broad range of products the company offers, often customizing machines for individual customers. That’s where PTC Creo helps, especially by offering features like family tables. Designers use PTC Creo to design configurable products and product families based on the same generic design.

NKP machinery designed with PTC Creo

“PTC Creo has enabled us to reduce our design cycle time approximately 30 to 40%,” says Alpesh Mistry, General Manager, Design at NKP Pharma. “Design teams can quickly create new variants.”

If you like to watch production machinery in action, check out this short video showing NKP’s Combi Vial Ampoule inspection machine as it sets up, lights, and magnifies glass tubes of what surely is not blood (is it?) for inspection:

To understand more about design reuse with family tables, visit PTC University Learning Exchange for a demonstration of Creating Family Tables.

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