Last-Minute Design Changes? Read This

Did you work late last Friday? Put in a few hours (or more) over the weekend? It happens to even the best-planned projects. The client changes their mind, marketing adds a requirement, or a partner has to substitute a part. And the only way to meet your aggressive deadlines is to work harder. Like this guy:

But with Creo, you can easily adapt to last-minute design changes with Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX).

Creo FMX is for any product developer who wants an easier solution for:

  • Making late-stage or unexpected design changes.
  • Working more flexibly during the concept design phase.
  • Modifying third-party or legacy design data.

If you’re ready to "take back your nights and weekends," here’s what you should know about Creo FMX.

Creo FMX introduces direct modeling to the parametric environment. What’s direct modeling? It’s a CAD method that allows designers to interact directly with the geometry of the model. This means they can manipulate it by pushing, pulling, or twisting. So, unlike parametric modeling, where a feature’s final geometry has to be built into the steps that create the final model, direct modelling allows the features geometry to be modified without having to edit the interim model stages. .

Creo FMX is integrated with PTC Creo Parametric. With these tools, anyone can modify models easily, whether they’re generating quick concept designs or modifying a detailed drawing at the last minute. The combination can be useful for creating better simulation workflows, too. That’s because the software makes it easy for designers and analysts in removing features such holes, faces, features, blends, and other geometry as they prepare parametric models for analysis. Best of all, direct modeling doesn’t require a high level of experience with parametric modeling capabilities, so it’s easier for non-CAD experts to work with. 

Creo FMX customers come from many different industries—consumer products, automotive, machinery, etc. “Using PTC Creo Parametric and flexible modeling, we more efficiently reuse our existing design data to reduce new project design time by 75%,” says Matthew Moore, mechanical engineer at American Vulkan Corporation—a company that specializes in drive shafts and other power transmission equipment. 

Creo FMX is available now. If you’re getting serious, invest an hour in this recorded webcast.  

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