Showcase Your Greatness! PTC Announces Product Design Contest

Unlike rock stars, CAD users don’t often get a stage and audience to showcase their greatness. You’re probably behind a quiet desk or in a cubicle right now. No speaker stacks. No fancy lasers. No dry ice machines.

PTC wants to change that. If you have high-level design chops, here’s a chance for you to break out and earn that spotlight and prizes.

Showcase Your Greatness Design Contest 2016

Enter our “Showcase Your Greatness” design contest. The contest runs from March 28 to April 29, 2016, with the grand prize winner receiving $3000 USD, a trip to LiveWorx in June, and a place of honor in our Winning Product Design eBook.

Note, however, this isn’t a winner-take-all contest. Several participants will walk away with sweet prizes. For example, two runners up will each receive $1000, as well as trips to LiveWorx. There’s cash for other finalists, too. See the contest website to find out more.

Which of your designs should you enter?

Create a new design or enter one from your existing portfolio. Or both. You can enter once, or multiple times. Choose from industry categories like:

  • Industrial Equipment
  • Consumer Products
  • Medical Device/Life Sciences
  • Aerospace & Automotive
  • Electronic & High Tech

We’re not particular.  You can enter multiple designs in a single category, or enter them in multiple categories. And don’t feel restricted by the list. If your design is a little outside the box, enter it anyway.


You’ll need to send an English language description of your model (or models) and some background about yourself. If your design is a real object, we’d like to see a photo alongside your entry.

If you’re a top three winner, we’ll notify you ahead of time, and announce your name and design publicly on stage at Liveworx, June 6-9. Runners up will see their names announced in email and social media.

All the best designs will be featured in the Winning Product Designs showcase, where your family and coworkers can see them.

Find out more

Head over to our contest page for more information..