Tricks, Shortcuts, and Power User Secrets for Creo 4.0

Ever watch a seasoned Creo user work? Their hands dance between keyboard and mouse, using combinations of clicks and quick shortcuts, to shave seconds off rote tasks. On big projects, that adds up to minutes or even hours.



Yet the use of keyboard shortcuts and customizations are still thought of as an arcane art. As if the innovation in GUI widgets requires our non-mouse hand to do nothing more than occasionally retrieve our coffee mug. (Coffee is important, of course, but so is that deadline!)   


Not to worry. Creo 4.0 makes it easier than ever to incorporate some new tricks into your workflows. They only take a few minutes to learn and a bit of practice to perfect. And even more of them are included out of the box than in previous Creo versions.  

Not long ago, we teamed up with Mike Smith, PTC Technical Support Engineer, to bring you a list of useful
Creo 3.0 shortcuts. Now that more and more of you are using the new platform, we asked Mike to compile a list of his favorite Creo 4.0 shortcuts and suggestions for new and experienced users.


First, a few basics:


  • Familiarize yourself with the out of box shortcuts first. Go to File > Options > Keyboard shortcuts and select Commands with assigned shortcuts from the Show dropdown. This is an easy quick reference to use while you’re working.


  • A sample customization: A shortcut to the layer tree isn’t included out of the box, but it’s easy to add. And you can use it to toggle back to the model tree.


  • Some features are in flyout or dropdown menus, like Lattice. If you use some of these features often, moving them to the ribbon or creating a shortcut helps your efficiency.


    Of course, customized keyboard shortcuts aren’t a free-for-all. If you run into difficulties, reference this list to see if you accidentally broke a rule.


  • The keyboard shortcuts you assign can consist of:
    • A single character
    • A combination of accelerator keys and keyboard characters, such as CTRL + P
    • Multiple accelerator keys with a keyboard character, such as CTRL + Shift + P


  • Other important notes:
    • Keyboard conflicts occur when you try to assign a keyboard shortcut that already exists.
    • Don’t use two or more keyboard characters together to create shortcuts. This isn’t supported, except in the case of map keys. For example: A + F.



Another exciting new feature in Creo 4.0 is the intelligent mini toolbar. It makes context-sensitive commands available when and where you need them. Make it even more productive for your projects by customizing it. For example, if you frequently take measurements, you can add the Measurements command to the mini toolbar for easy selection contexts like geometry and datums.


Want to see more tips and tricks? You’ll find a more complete list of shortcuts and other out-of-the-box Creo 4.0 features in the Quick Reference Guide in the PTC Community. Then head over to the support site to read Customizing the User Interface and Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts.

Illustration from Quick Reference Guide

Spend a few minutes every day on these techniques, and you’ll be a Creo power user in no time!

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