72% of Service Orgs See Value in Table-Top and Product-Overlay AR

Written by: Jeff-Coon

During last week’s virtual event on creating augmented reality content for service organizations, we asked 137 attendees whether they saw more applicability for product-overlay AR or table-top AR.

Overwhelmingly, 72.8% of respondents said they saw use cases for both types of AR. Just under 5% said table-top AR was more relevant to their needs, and 22.9% said they believed product-overlay AR would be more useful for them.

Are service organizations ready for AR?

Seeing the value in a type of AR experience is one thing, but are organizations prepared to develop and deliver those experiences to technicians, customers, and whomever may want them?

Almost three-quarters (69.2%) of those who attended the virtual event said they currently use 3D CAD to create technical illustrations. There are two ways you could interpret that answer:

Regardless of which interpretation you agree with, it’s still safe to say that most organizations have the resources needed to get started. The question is, is AR a serious pursuit?

Is AR in the pipeline?

Kind of, sort of. When asked if attendees were “actively driving or planning” AR initiatives for their service organizations:

  • 28.3% said “Yes”
  • 20.1% answered “No”
  • 35.2% said they were planning to
  • 16.4% didn’t know

These responses are expected. The technology has yet to mature. Company A and Company B may compete in the same industry, but the latter’s product-overlay AR experiences may look very different than the former’s. We won’t know which content works best until we can measure that content’s impact on first-time fix rates, mean time to repair, and other such metrics.

Watch Part One of last week’s virtual event on creating AR experiences for service organizations:

On-Demand Virtual Event: Develop Augmented Reality Experiences for Service

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Jeff Coon is PTC’s Solution Management Director, overseeing PTC’s illustration tools. With 34 years of experience in field service, Jeff’s career began as an AH-1 Attack Helicopter Repairman in the U.S. Army. After his time in the service, he worked as a technical illustration specialist at Boeing for five years until he joined ITEDO Software as a technical engineer in 2000. In 2006, he was named PTC’s Principal Application Engineer for the company’s illustration tools, defining implementation strategies for Boeing, John Deere, and others.