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Written by: Lee Smith

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If there’s one organization that most values equipment uptime and availability, it’s the U.S. Army. The reality of combat theater logistics is intimidating. Hundreds of thousands of people, parts, equipment, systems, and technology directed toward accomplishing each military mission. How could such complexity possibly be optimized cost-effectively? 

Complex Service Supply Chains

The success optimizing their service supply chain has a direct implication on mission readiness, success, and saving lives. It’s overwhelming considering the complexity of the U.S. Army’s global service supply chain. It’s a lot of parts that need to be segmented, warehoused, moved, stocked, re-stocked, replaced, procured, etc. Fortunately, Servigistics is up to the task thanks to advanced data science, cutting-edge capabilities, and sophisticated algorithms

Our commitment to the U.S. Army is personal for me because my son is a US Army helicopter pilot. He has spent years training and preparing to operate the AH-64D Apache. As Servigistics optimizes their service supply network, we ensure the right parts are available wherever they are needed to keep his helicopter flying safely. It’s an honor to protect all the soldiers who protect our country.


Sturdy Servigistics Ethics

We support all our clients with a deep-seated, penetrating commitment, and the highest ethical standards. These standards are second nature to us. Believe it or not, we see evidence of much lower standards out there. Some vendors target our clients with deceptive and misleading sales techniques. These tactics don’t build lasting relationships of trust. Our ethical commitment encourages us to achieve much higher standards.

The trust and partnership we foster with our clients have no competitors.

Service Transformation

Our high standards have contributed to Servigistics’ double-digit growth, which outpaces the market. We can quantify the superior software value. With the benefit of a broader perspective, we see a “tsunami of technology,” as Leslie Paulson characterizes it, raging toward us. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, connected devices, and rapidly evolving computing power are accelerating innovation and will bring with them exciting new business opportunities and service innovation. Servigistics is well-positioned to help organizations capitalize on digital transformation thanks to our investments over decades, establishing Servigistics’ strong data-science backbone.

The Best of Both Worlds

It’s been eight years since PTC acquired Servigistics. Before that, I oversaw numerous Servigistics acquisitions (Click, Xelus, MCA Technologies) as we consolidated the service parts management market. In 2017, PTC announced the launch of the Servigistics Business Unit, which was a milestone moment. We assembled a dedicated team from top talent within PTC. Many were long-time Servigistics team members but some new faces as well, including Leslie Paulson, announced as the General Manager. She brought with her a 29-year career at Caterpillar, where she was the GM of Industry Solutions. Leslie’s client-first philosophy fits right in. This process was beneficial as we organized to fully realize the benefit of an autonomous business unit within a larger organization. We benefit from the financial stability, thought leadership, and resources of PTC but with the flexibility of our agile, fast-moving, entrepreneurial-minded Servigistics Business Unit.

Reputations Matter

What motivates our Servigistics team to maintain such a determined pace of innovation? This work is deeply personal to us and we guard our reputations. Across the Servigistics Business Unit from the Management team to R&D, Tech Support, Sales & Marketing, Services, and beyond, we stamp our name proudly on everything we do. Each of us willing to stand by our work and vouch for its excellence. Making service parts success deeply personal makes all the difference for us, our clients, and their customers.

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